Right now I am at a phase of life, where I am sick and tired of everything and everyone. I don’t wanna give anyone anykind of explanation, why I am like this. I have probably dissapointed my parents, people I am associated and maybe to my inner self. You know there were those days when I was a happy, bubbly, chirpy person from the inside and out. And now I just crack uneventful jokes just to see people smile or laugh, even if its for a second, I guess making someone happy, gives me some kind of vibe to exist. I have failed in almost everything I have ever participated take it studies,people,family, I suck at each and everything. And this is such a miserable gesture.But still I am going on and on and on,to find the reason for my existence. The thing or person who will indulge me into it so well that all my failure attempts, broken pieces,tiredness, will all be renewed with oh so much love. To whoever is reading this,Hey ! Everyone has their broken down days. Even I am going through this. But I am going on, I am not stopping, only and only to find why I was brought in this world. Maybe when I ‘ll find it I’ll be the purest soul. Getting tired is normal…very normal. But it’s your own time to shake yourself,jump up high, have gallons of energy drinks and get back to life with a BANG. 


Expectations ~noun, a strong belief that something will happen. 

Honestly, it is these expectations that make a person weak ,strong , happy ,sad ,broke and what not. Expectations certainly do not lead you to something you expected. But when they do… amm I don’t know ! Expectations in my sense have been the most complex feature of a human being. Hopes and expectations have a minute difference. I guess expecting something from someone is a really easy task. Everyone indulges into it. And maybe the day or the other it fades. I am not here to make you feel bad about expecting something from someone. I believe you should expect everything from yourself. You and you are the only who will be there for you. Expect things from yourself. In today’s world where I find people loosing hopes and expectations so easily and are so affected that they indulge into unhealthy things. A major credit to these kinds of activities goes to the Bollywood sad songs. People think those tears and blood are real but they are just good quality glycerin and tomato ketchup. Trust me, when you start expecting things from yourself and when you live up to those expectations you will start to a path of happiness and something you cannot imagine. You might fail in this task, but chin up you had expectations from yourself and trust me you will always be there for yourself. Don’t directly go on huge tasks, like tomorrow I ‘ll be the CEO of the company who rejected me for the job. NO. Take small steps, taking these small steps will make you realise the way you can control and command yourself. Always I repeat always trust yourself and your intusions. Even if they are wrong, you will be answerable to yourself, and that will lead you to a Wise You. 

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